Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sale yards are overflowing

Oh my!
TEAM SAG is worse than I thought. When offered a free trip to the nation's capital only 25% of us were interested.
What no desire for the fun that a conference is?
No interest in canoodling with colleagues and/or strangers while drunk on the allowances?

Head Coach threw a mild kanipshin when she realised we weren't interested so it's all been postponed indefinately or until we can learn to behave ourselves....
Meshugana MOO!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Being invisible

Today Major Magoo (MM) called to say that I am entitled to rehabilitation. Wow, I said, what can I become?

  • a moose
  • a wallaby
  • a clouded leopard
MM said he couldn't promise me anything, but his intervention will help! He asked me to describe TEAM SAG.
I told him Coach ignores me and I ignore her back.
MM was silent for a bit then just laughed and laughed...you know it really is too funny.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Deadlines Schmeadlines

We have regular all-staff meetings at TEAM SAG. They are designed as a forum to meet and share relevant information.
Coach is fabulous at bringing e-mail print outs that run along these lines,
"We've received a request for input into the policy relating to calves. Oh, I see we've missed the cut-off date for submissions, but if anyone is interested in having their say, I'll circulate this and you can respond."
"Oh, here's another request for input from the Minister...Ah, we've missed this cut-off date too, but if anyone is interested, I'll circulate this and you can respond"
Could this be classed as bovine abuse and neglect? Not only in the missing of deadlines, but then telling us of the opportunities we have missed.
Coach should apply some colonic irrigation to her inbox.

Somebody call the RSPCA!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

If we can't recruit cows will sheep do?

TEAM SAG has lost half it's herd. Unfortunately it's not Coach or Biscuit Bob. No one would miss them and in Coach's case sacred cows make the best hamburgers.
No, it's the gentle, aged ruminators that have left. One has retired to the top paddock of wandering, and one got into a serious cattle truck and traveled to bigger and greener pastures.

Eek, egads and all that...more farewell lunch torture.