Saturday, August 27, 2005

Prime beef anyone?

Saw Major Magoo today who reminded me of the cruelty inherent in most of TEAM SAG's powerful people and therefore pervasive and permitted throughout upper management structure.
Unfortunately, TEAM SAG has more than a normal herd's worth of nasty, malicious, mendacious and mean-spirited alpha bovines and bull-calves.

Basically, they are very glad to see me moved to another paddock and out of sight of the front gate (where the public sees us).
It seems I will be assessed as not having the right bloodline or breeding and will be placed in a paddock with all the other rare and exotic breeds.
I will be lucerne-munching with Dutch Belted Cattle (also known as Lakenvelders), British White, Dexter, Enderby Island, Belted Galloway, Standard Galloway, White Galloway, English Longhorn, Luing, Pinzgauer, Red Poll, Sussex, Texas Longhorn, Australian Lowlines, Aberdeen-Angus', Milking shorthorns and Yaks.