Saturday, August 13, 2005

I need a new job!

  • Name: Bessiemoo Boadicea Cow.
  • Age: 19.
  • Education: Veterinary Sociology and Anthropology, Self-actualising Bovinty studies, University of Notre Dame Broome Campus, Western Australia, Australia.
  • Experience: Experiential research into the sexual positions for Water buffalo (the sexy beasts) with a disability who demand full access to artificial insemination (funded by Bovine Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission BREOC). Sam's Offal delicatessen incorporating Sam's Leathergoods and scrimshaw. Big M flavoured milk R&D section, working specifically on prawn flavoured milk.
  • Skills: Mooing, Milk and cream production (has dropped off a little of late...sorry) Ruminating.
  • Interests: Skydiving, Firearms, Global warming, hexadecimal systems, line dancing.
Additionally, you should know that in the past I have been offered a job in both of TEAM SAG's other offices.
I am VERY motivated to graze a pasture and drop poo completley outside of TEAM SAG.

I will work hard to keep my damaged-by-the-Public-Service Tourette's in check.
Yes, even as all the kiss-up kick-down Alpha herd are talking mediation and people-matter and zero-tolerance of workplace bullying.