Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I adore justice, but poetic justice is the sweetest fruit

You, my loyal reader, will remember when TEAM SAG welcomed a wonderfully uplifting person to the paddock.
Even better news has transpired. The "Wonderbra" (WB) is now in charge of everything!
WB was promoted two levels above Coach and LLL and one level above Head Coach.
It is pure joy to see them all have to respect and take direction from WB, the new herd leader.

Friday, April 01, 2005

"We need to be wormed..."

The dumbest of all our ruminators at TEAM SAG was promoted to internal IT support/troubleshooting* today.
Upon this announcement we all howled with laugher with some of us hooting delightedly at the fabulous April Fool's day joke that was being played out.

Oh No!

Noon came and went and it was not a joke.
By half past two Biscuit Bob (BB) had completely deleted, changed, lost, overwritten, or turned into html, the entire electronic filing system.
After blaming the sheep, goats, llamas, terrorists and ants, he decided we had been hacked.
As he pathetically tried to convince network support that our network security had been compromised, the only sound to be heard was the very loud click of them hanging up!

I'm happy, I got to go home early on a pretty, warm, autumn day in Adelaide.

*The position is designed to obviate the need for network staff to drive across town to our building when the printer doesn't work only to find that it wasn't plugged in to the power source.